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Real estate and inheritance law

At Mortelliti Law Firm, we specialize in matters related to real estate and inheritance in Italy specifically in Calabria. It’s always beneficial to seek legal advice before signing any property-related documents to ensure you are well-informed and protected on the issues that are exemplified below. The Importance of Legal Counsel: We often come across individuals […]

Administrative law

The firm provides legal assistance and consultancy to both public administrations and businesses and private individuals for matters relating to administrative law. Issues relating to public contracts and procurement are usually dealt with. The firm’s professionals assist in proceedings before the Administrative Courts. Specific experience has been acquired in proceedings relating to the phases of […]

Insurance and Banking Law

The Mortelliti Law Firm has earned a good reputation and experience by assisting prestigious insurance and banking companies with accuracy and profit. Insurance Law The topics of civil liability for road traffic, compensation for damages, medical malpractice and insurance law in general are constantly explored in depth, in their substantial and procedural aspects, during the […]

Commercial law

The firm assists national companies in the field of vending and automatic distribution in extraordinary administration operations such as territorial expansions through mergers and acquisitions. The Vending and Automatic Distribution sector has been the subject of in-depth study for a decade since the relationships between sector operators and third-party suppliers, customers and workers are analyzed […]

International law and international arbitration

Attorney Francesco Mortelliti holds the esteemed position of Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines. With robust international experience and proficiency in English, our firm is ideally positioned to address challenges arising from economic activities between operators of different nationalities, increasingly prevalent in the age of globalization. Our services include:

Criminal law

Our law firm boasts a team of highly specialized professionals in criminal matters, ready to assist both private and professional clients throughout every phase of the criminal trial. Our experience and dedication are reflected in the significant successes achieved in a wide range of criminal cases. Commercial Criminal Law We have successfully managed complex cases […]

Information Tecnology Law

The fusion of in-depth technical knowledge with a solid legal basis is what distinguishes the Mortelliti Law Firm from others. Our specialization in Information Technology law, enriched by international research experience, positions us as a leader in the sector, guaranteeing our clients competence and professionalism in every matter covered. Our main services include: Digital Privacy […]

Labor law

The Mortelliti Law Firm stands as a beacon in the legal landscape for matters concerning labor law, both in the private sector and in the realm of privatized public employment. Our extensive experience has empowered us to address and successfully resolve a wide range of legal challenges, always ensuring professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Consultation on […]

Enforcement law

The Mortelliti Law Firm, with its established expertise in the legal field, passionately and professionally offers legal consultation and representation, ensuring top-tier services to all its clients. Execution Procedures Our specialization lies in execution procedures, a sensitive and intricate area that demands skill and accuracy. Thanks to our profound understanding of the laws and current […]