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avv. Francesco Mortelliti

Experience Since 01.05.2018, upon joint appointment by the Italian and Philippine Governments, he has held the role of Consul of the Republic of the Philippines, with jurisdiction over Calabria and the province of Messina. From 2002 to today, freelance lawyer, owner and coordinator of the Mortelliti Law Firm which, through a qualified organizational structure, provides legal consultancy services and assistance in court for the benefit of insurance companies, public administrations, companies of national and international importance and private individuals. Abundant experience in extrajudicial consultancy and legal assistance relating to administrative, labour, insurance, criminal, civil and international law matters. In 2006 member and since April

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adv. Valeria Carullo

She graduated in October 2005 from the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria, discussing a thesis in International Finance Science. After practicing law, she was a contract professor of law and organization and management of human resources at the Higher School for Linguistic Mediators of Reggio Calabria – section. by Oppido Mamertina. Since 2008 you have been practicing as a freelance lawyer in the Reggio Calabria Bar, providing consultancy and legal assistance services in judicial and extrajudicial matters of civil law, labor law, commercial law, telecommunications and consumer protection.

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adv. Barbara Cara

She graduated in 2006 in Law from the University of Messina. In 2008 you obtained the qualification of “Specialist in legal professions” at the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria and since November 2009 you have been authorized to practicelaw. From March to November 2008 you participated in the “Advanced Training Course” in Civil, Criminal andAdministrative Law, held by the councilors R. Garofoli and F. Caringella. From 26 March 2011 to 28 May 2011 you attended the Intensive Tax Law Course organized by the “Tax Chamber of Lawyers of the Province of Reggio Calabria”.

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