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Criminal law

Our law firm boasts a team of highly specialized professionals in criminal matters, ready to assist both private and professional clients throughout every phase of the criminal trial. Our experience and dedication are reflected in the significant successes achieved in a wide range of criminal cases.

Commercial Criminal Law We have successfully managed complex cases related to commercial criminal law, including instances of fraudulent bankruptcy, usury, and fraud. Our deep understanding of the sector allows us to provide targeted and strategic advice.

Administrative Criminal Law Our team has extensive experience in matters related to administrative criminal law, handling cases of abuse of office, forgery offenses, corruption, and extortion. Our in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations enables us to navigate these complex matters with expertise.

International Criminal Law We also specialize in international criminal law, assisting clients in cases such as international drug trafficking committed by foreign subjects and other offenses committed on Italian territory by foreign individuals.

Defensive Investigations We recognize the importance of proactive defense. Therefore, we conduct defensive investigations, even abroad, to ensure maximum protection for our clients. This approach allows us to anticipate the prosecution’s moves and build a solid defense strategy.