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International law and international arbitration

Attorney Francesco Mortelliti holds the esteemed position of Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines.

With robust international experience and proficiency in English, our firm is ideally positioned to address challenges arising from economic activities between operators of different nationalities, increasingly prevalent in the age of globalization.

Our services include:

  • Real Estate Transactions Abroad: We provide comprehensive assistance for those looking to purchase or sell properties overseas. Leveraging our international network, we guide clients through every step of the process, ensuring all transactions comply with both local and international laws.
  • Transnational Inheritance Law: Managing inheritances can become intricate when involving assets and stakeholders across different countries. Our firm offers legal advice and assistance to ensure wills are executed correctly, and all legal and tax aspects are meticulously handled.
  • Business Internationalization: We guide businesses on their international expansion journey, offering advice on legal, tax, and operational aspects. Whether it’s establishing a new branch, acquiring a company abroad, or expanding operations, we’re here to ensure a seamless and compliant transition.
  • International Contracts: We work with businesses and individuals during the negotiation and drafting of contracts between international operators. Our deep understanding of international practices ensures our clients are shielded from potential future disputes.
  • Assistance in Transactional Controversies or Disputes: We offer support both in the negotiation phase, aiming to re-establish the terms of the agreement, and in international arbitration procedures, representing clients as defenders or arbitrators.
  • Citizenship Granting: We have extensive experience in assisting clients through the citizenship acquisition process, ensuring efficient and compliant handling of applications.