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Enforcement law

The Mortelliti Law Firm, with its established expertise in the legal field, passionately and professionally offers legal consultation and representation, ensuring top-tier services to all its clients.

Execution Procedures Our specialization lies in execution procedures, a sensitive and intricate area that demands skill and accuracy. Thanks to our profound understanding of the laws and current regulations, we are adept at guiding both businesses and individuals through the entire process. From the preliminary analysis of the debtor situation to the formulation of the most suitable execution strategy, and up to the actual realization of the credit, we handle every phase with meticulous care and attention to detail. Our priority is to ensure that every action taken is in full compliance with the law, safeguarding the rights and interests of our clients.

Debt Recovery Within the context of execution procedures, debt recovery stands as one of our primary areas of intervention. Our specific expertise and the firm’s reliability have been chosen by numerous national companies aiming to recover their credits locally. Whether it’s real estate execution procedures, third-party seizures, or direct actions against the debtor, our team of experts adopts a strategic and targeted approach. We delve deep into every case, pinpointing the most effective solutions to maximize recovery chances while minimizing associated time and costs.