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Information Tecnology Law

The fusion of in-depth technical knowledge with a solid legal basis is what distinguishes the Mortelliti Law Firm from others. Our specialization in Information Technology law, enriched by international research experience, positions us as a leader in the sector, guaranteeing our clients competence and professionalism in every matter covered. Our main services include:

Digital Privacy Protection:

  • Personalized Consultation: We analyze the specific needs of the client to ensure maximum data protection.
  • Legal Interventions: In case of violations, we promptly act to protect our clients’ rights.


Online Reputation Defense:

  • Monitoring: We use advanced tools to monitor online presence and identify potential threats to reputation.
  • Removal Actions: We collaborate with platforms and search engines to remove defamatory or unauthorized content.


Domain Name Management:

  • Dispute Resolution: We intervene in cases of cybersquatting or other conflicts related to domain names.
  • Transfers and Renewals: We handle all technical and legal aspects of domain transfers and renewals.


Provider and Web Publisher Liability:

  • Legal Analysis: We examine the terms of service and policies of providers to determine potential risk areas.
  • Mediation: We offer mediation services between parties in case of disputes.
  • Court Representation: We represent our clients in court in case of legal actions.


Digital Contracts and Agreements:

  • Custom Drafting: We create digital contracts tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Review and Modification: We examine and modify existing contracts to ensure legal compliance.
  • Negotiation: We represent clients in contractual negotiations with third parties.