Insurance and Bank Law

Mortelliti Law Firm has earned a good reputation and experience by assisting prestigious insurance and banking companies with accuracy and profit.

Insurance Law
The issues of road traffic civil liability, compensation for damages, medical malpractice and insurance law in general, are constantly investigated, in their substantive and procedural aspects, on the occasion of the numerous judgments managed in territories where, too often, requests for compensation are found to be instrumental.

The firm also assists public and private health and hospital companies in judgments, including criminal ones, concerning liability for medical negligence and compensation for damage.

Banking Law
The firm assists banking institutions and individuals in cases involving financial matrices as well as the pathologies of banking relationships, such as cases of bank usury, illicit application of anatocistic rates, the validity of warnings against consumers, guarantees and sureties.

The firm, through the organization based on a computer system, follows the practices of credit recovery and executions for the benefit of financial and banking operators.

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