Enforcement of judgment and recovery of debt

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Our firm carries out the procedures for enforcement of judgment and recovery of debt, on behalf of companies and private citizens.

Our specific experience and reliability usually serve national companies that intend to recover their credits in the place, by third parties or the debtor, through properties' executive procedures.

Insurance and Bank Law

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Mortelliti Law Firm has earned a good reputation and experience by assisting prestigious insurance and banking companies with accuracy and profit.

Insurance Law
The issues of road traffic civil liability, compensation for damages, medical malpractice and insurance law in general, are constantly investigated, in their substantive and procedural aspects, on the occasion of the numerous judgments managed in territories where, too often, requests for compensation are found to be instrumental.

The firm also assists public and private health and hospital companies in judgments, including criminal ones, concerning liability for medical negligence and compensation for damage.

Banking Law
The firm assists banking institutions and individuals in cases involving financial matrices as well as the pathologies of banking relationships, such as cases of bank usury, illicit application of anatocistic rates, the validity of warnings against consumers, guarantees and sureties.

The firm, through the organization based on a computer system, follows the practices of credit recovery and executions for the benefit of financial and banking operators.

Commercial Law

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We provide companies of Automated Vending/Distribution with legal assistance as regards to matters of extraordinary administration such as territorial expansions through Mergers and acquisitions.

The Automated Vending/Distribution's field has been deeply studied for the last decade, since it was established that the relation between operators and suppliers, customers and workers should be submitted to analysis for the wording of agreements by national market's key players. 

We legally assist companies and private citizens claiming for damages, also in the Insurance field.

International Law and International Arbitration

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Mr. Francesco Mortelliti holds the role of Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines.

The international experience gained by our firm, alongside our English skills, enables us to solve financial issues arising between parties of different nationalities, ever more frequent in an outsourcing-oriented world of industrial globalization.

We provide assistance to companies or private citizens when negotiating and stipulating agreements with international operators, such as import-export or transport operators or suppliers. This is an extremely crucial step, for a deep knowledge of international practices and, in particular, the terms of contracts is needed to face any possible disagreement and to avoid expensive international controversies or even conspicuous financial loss for the client.

We also manage transaction disputes or controversies, by providing assistance in the attempt to restore, if possible, the agreement conditions. Otherwise, should the international arbitration procedures be required, our firm can provide assistance as the possible arbitrator appointed within the Arbitral Tribunal, as well as a defense attorney before the arbitrators.

Particular experience has been gained concerning the granting of citizenship.

Criminal Law

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Our qualified professionals provide legal assistance to private and professional clients, throughout the different stages of the trials. We achieved significant results concerning Business Criminal Law (such as alleged bankruptcy fraud - usury - frauds), alleged cases of Administrative Criminal Law (abuse of authority - forgery - bribery and corruption), International Criminal Law (international traffic of psychoactive drugs by a foreigner - other alleged crimes committed by foreigners on Italian territory).  

We normally investigate also abroad to provide our clients with full assistance.

Labour Law

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Studio Legale Mortelliti deals with issues of private labor law and privatized public employment. We achieved remarkable results as regards to matters related to the Public Management sector and Public Health in particular.

Our professionals successfully handed socially meaningful cases covered by the media, concerning the Local Health Authorities, as well as issues regarding the spoil system and Healthcare Units records.

We handed several cases concerning the exercise of disciplinary power, for we provided assistance to national companies and workers in defense of their rights.

Information Technology Law

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Our strength is based on deep technology knowledge and law studies, as our Information Technology Law experience was built upon years of research on an international level.

We gained specific experience in protection of the privacy and web reputation and honor of private citizens, enterprises and authorities, as well as protection of the rights related to the assignment of domain names and management of civil and criminal disputes between Internet service providers and web data editors.

Administrative Law

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Our Firm offers legal assistance and consultancy in Administrative Law to Public Administrations, companies and private citizens.

We normally deal with issues concerning public agreements and contracts.

Our professionals plead by the Administrative Courts, as we gained particular experience in judgments concerning the granting and suspention of public financial benefits or facilitated fundings.

We provide judicial and extrajudicial assistance to the concessionaries enrolled on a national level by the Public Administrations for the collection of credits.

Before the Court of Auditors, we normally defend Public Administrators in accounting judgments or investigate upon fiscal and accounting responsabilities.

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